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Bringing together a loving, supportive and encouraging community of Christians.

About The Beloved Truth Community

We bring together a loving, supportive and encouraging community of Christians who are passionate about their relationship with God and other people to teach them simple Bible study skills and effective discipleship principles via Live small group Bible studies, training workshops, special events and more, so that they can learn how to study the Bible for themselves and pass on the truths of God’s Word to the next generation.

They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Acts 2:42 NASB

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We're creating something special with the Beloved Truth Community. 

Please share posts, resources, polls, etc. generously, be quick to support other members, and resist the temptation to curse, troll, sell products, share unclean images, etc. 

We're doing something different here. Unlike other social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc. the BT Community has been created for Christian encouragement and fellowship. We ask that you share  Bible-centered content, prayer requests and Biblical resources that help us all grow in our walk with Christ.

We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. 

1-No Promotions or Spam

Give more than you take to this group. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren't allowed.

2-No Cursing/Bad Language

Also, this includes any statement that the Group Administrators deem inappropriate in nature.

3-No Trolls

Trolling is not permitted and trolls will be removed immediately. Trolling is defined as: "to make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them."

4-No Posting Graphic or Disturbing Photos or Videos, etc.

If you are not sure about the content that you want to post, email the Group Administrator at

5-Beloved Truth International's Community Group Policy

Our Group Administrators are entitled to deny entry to any member they choose. They are also allowed to remove members that don't comply with the Group guidelines.

6-Group Administrators

Please NOTE: our Administrators and Members are NOT professional counselors and we take no responsibility for advice shared within the group.

7-Doctrine/Biblical Beliefs

Beloved Truth Int'l may not hold to all its group member's personal Biblical stances or doctrinal beliefs. Our desire is for people to study the Bible themselves and discover its truths and apply them to their lives.  All of our Administrators agree with our Official Statement of Faith.

8-No politics-promoting of politicians/candidates

Our politics is that of the Holy Scriptures. We are to pray for our leaders, but our leader is the King of kings and Lord of lords and we know that God is sovereign over everything.

*NOTE: This Community is made up of a variety of people from all races, denominations and backgrounds. As such, we ask you to note that all comments, posts, etc. may not reflect the Beloved Truth International's official positions on any topic shared within our Community. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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